Carol Jeanne KraneburgCarol Jeanne Kraneburg is a classically trained painter who started her fine arts training at the Roslyn School of Art at age five.  She is the daughter of an artist and, upon her parents noting her aptitude for art, she was enrolled to study oil painting. She has previously shown works at the Nassau County Museum of Art as well as multiple galleries local to Long Island, NY. Although she did not pursue art for higher education, she studied classic black and white photography at the University Of Cambridge in Cambridge, England. She was recognized multiple times throughout her high school education in both the subjects of painting and photography. 

Most pieces viewed on this website were commissioned. Carol Jeanne works in high-quality acrylics as well as a multitude of other mediums. Although she specializes in portraiture (of both animals and people), she is a flexible artist who will consider any project upon request due to her ability to adapt to various artistic styles. Her paintings range from classicism to graphic; projects are stylized as per the request of the client.

Carol Jeanne currently lives in Auburn, AL with her dog, Molly. She is studying veterinary medicine at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine and all profits from painting go to supporting her education.

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